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Spam Cleanup

Postby wiseowl » Sun Jul 12, 2009 8:43 pm

Lately, a lot of people have been registering on the board and putting a semi-spam link in their profile, in the spot left for a URL. I'm not even sure why the software allows for a URL in your profile, but it does. And because of that, sad people with no lives register on boards just so they can add a link to their site. We have been deleting pure spam links from day one, but we have been leaving the semi-spam links alone. Today, that changed.

You may be asking, what is a semi-spam link? It is a link to a website that offers some useful content, usually reviews of products, but contains very heavy advertising around the content. In most cases, the advertising takes up more screen space than the actual content, making you wonder why they even bothered with the content at all. Still, there is some content on the page all the same. This is why, until now, we have left these links alone.

By contrast, a pure spam site is a commercial site, or a site with unsavory content, or a list of ads with no content at all.

Why did our policy change? Simple. I was feeling used an abused. When the first person put up this sort of stuff, I thought it was odd, but maybe he just really really liked electronics. But then, more and more people kept linking to similar sites - never the exact same one, but all with the same layout. I began to sense another spam-ring. This one is more subtle and much more polite than the pure spammers. In fact, most of them nicely posted, telling us what a nice forum we have. They even had the decency to keep it to one thread. I was fairly impressed with how nice they were. I was appeased by the politeness and the compliments for a while. But, sadly, as more and more of them piled in, I realized that we had to do something to stop the tide, or it would overwhelm us.

Why am I posting this? Because there may be people wondering why they suddenly lost their accounts on this board.

If you are reading this, now you know why. You had a link in your profile that caused me to delete you in the purge.

It is possible you got deleted by accident. If so, I sincerely apologize. Doing a bulk job can lead to mistakes! I hope you will forgive me and return.

IF, however, you are guilty of having one of those semi-spam links, I'd like you to think carefully. IF you are really interested in this community, that's great. Simply make a new profile WITHOUT the link, and join us. However, if all you wanted was to create a link to your spam or semi-spam page, please stop and go away. You are using us, and you are hurting us. You are treating us badly. Pretty please, with sugar on top, be a decent person today - just walk away.
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