Next Chat - Sunday, June 7th, 4pm (EDT)

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Next Chat - Sunday, June 7th, 4pm (EDT)

Postby owladmin » Wed May 13, 2009 11:47 pm

The next OWL chat will be the first Sunday in June, back at our original time of 4pm (Eastern time).

We only got a few people this last time, so put out the word to your friends, family, acquaintances.

Again, OWL personnel will be available for questions, suggestions, etc. Ask anything.
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Re: Next Chat - Sunday, June 7th, 4pm (EDT)

Postby palenoue » Sun Jun 07, 2009 9:33 pm

Well, once again I wrote the wrong time on the calendar and missed the chat. This is why I like forums, no time limit.

When's the next chat?
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Re: Next Chat - Sunday, June 7th, 4pm (EDT)

Postby wiseowl » Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:33 pm

Aww, sorry we missed you!

We wrapped things up about 8:15pm Eastern time. The conversation seemed to have died completely, and I had forgotten breakfast and lunch, so I grabbed the local team and made everyone go to IHOP :)

We'll officially post the next chat date soon. Sundays at 4pm Eastern seem to work well, so we'll keep having our chats at that time!
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